BAM 2018 Mid-Year State Report


BAM Programs & Operations Update

Association Statistics: as of May 31, 2018

• Members: 1,835 (B-548; A-1,195; AF-27)

• Member Employees Statewide: 43,048

• 12 Local Associations

• State Dues: $195

• 2018 Legal Action Assessment per member: $15

2018 BAM Executive Committee

• Terry Hammack – President (Anderson & Hammack Construction / ABA)

• Steve Noble – President Elect & Government Affairs Chair (Noble Custom Homes / CMBA)

• Howie Zetah – Builder Vice President (Zetah Construction, Inc. / HBA)

• Gerry Traut– Associate Vice President (Xcel Energy / MMBA)

• John McGuine – Secretary (J & M Consulting / RAB)

• Molly Loe – Treasurer (Bridge Realty / MRBA)

• Kurt Welker – Immediate Past President & BAM PAC Chair (Welker Custom Homes / SCBA)

2018 NAHB State Representative

• Chad Kompelien (Mike Kompelien Custom Homes / WCBA)

2018 BUILD-PAC Trustees

• Steve Noble (Noble Custom Homes / CMBA)

• Joe Weis, Alternate (Weis Builders / RAB)

Legislative Issues: BAM’s unlicensed contractor enforcement and statewide code administration

legislation survived to the very end of the legislative session only to once again be part of the veto

fights between the Governor and Legislature. BAM killed legislation that would have allowed small

cities to quit code administration functions and amended legislation to improve the liability

conditions common interest communities. A real estate appraisers board was reconstituted this

session and BAM is working with Department of Commerce to engage the new board in

opportunities to improve valuation for new construction, similar to the HBA of Alabama’s program.

The next regular Legislative Session will begin Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

Codes: The Department of Labor & Industry (DLI) has completed the initial technical review of the

2015 and 2018 I-Codes. BAM anticipates there will be only modest changes to the current State

Building Code. The agency has postponed action on the energy code until sometime later this year.

The new code is expected to become effective sometime in 2020.

Regulatory Issues: In May, BAM provided preliminary comments to the MPCA regarding the

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regarding the re-issue the Construction Stormwater Permit. The

current construction permit is scheduled to expire in August 2018. The Department of Health

continues to contemplate a lead rule that would give the state “primacy” for enforcing the EPA

program. This rule is suspended in the agency’s legal department – potentially on hold waiting

federal action under the new Administration. Also, the Department of Health is moving forward with

radon remidiation rules. New construciton is specifically expempt from this effort as the code

requires a passive system with the ability for future remidiation to be installed at the time of


Legal Issues: BAM continues to support litigation challenging the City of Minneapolis’ paid sick and

safe time ordinance. The plaintiffs include a remodeler member and the Minnesota Chamber of

Commerce’s litigation. Currently, the lawsuit seeks to make permanent the Court’s temporary ruling

that the ordinace does not apply to employers who are based outside of the City’s limits and to find

that the underlying ordiannce is in conflict with and therefore pre-empted by exisitng state law.

Elections: All 134 Minnesota House of Representative seats are up for election as are a handful of

open State Senate seats. This fall’s election will include statewide offices including the Governor,

Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Auditor. Minnesota’s primary is Tuesday, August 14, 2018.


The next BAM event is its Summer Board Meeting scheduled for August 30, 2018 in Duluth, MN.

BAM Annual Meeting, Holiday Party, and PAC fundraiser is scheduled for December 6, 2018 in

Minneapolis, MN.


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