BAM Hall of Fame

Oct 19, 2014

The BAM Hall of Fame is the most prestigious distinction BAM can bestow. Induction into the Hall of Fame honors those who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the housing industry in Minnesota and to the Builders Association of Minnesota. Members are chosen by current members of the Hall of Fame.

Below is the current list of esteemed members of BAM’s Hall of Fame.

Marvin Anderson, 1995

Joan Archer, 1997

Gerald Bauerly, 1994

Robert Bell, 1997

Thomas Bercher, 1994

Larry Cramer, 2012

James Carlson, 2004

George Cundy, 2008

Don Dahl, 1996

Sandy Friend, 2012

Robert Gill, 1995

Marlin Grant, 1994

Dale Gruber, 2000

Hans Hagen, 2000

Dale Hallen, 1995

Richard Hanson, 1994

Robert Hanson, 2004

Betty Hardle, 1999

Roy Lund, 1994

Rachel Manley, 1994

Bonnie Moeller, 2015

Marvin Windows & Doors, 2012

Robert H. Mason, 1998

Steve Meister, 2008

David Meyers, 2004

Lawrence Nelson, 1994

Kathe Ostrom, 2012

Len Pratt, 2000

Lowell Pratt, 1996

Craig Plekkenpol, 2015

Tom Sinning, 2008

James Stanton, 1994

Harold Swanson, 1995

Al TeWinkel, 1994

Orrin Thompson, 1997

Robert Tilsen, 1995

John Waldron, 1998

Robert Wallner, 1994

Joe Weis, 1996

Duane Willenbring, 1994

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