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Thursday, February 02 2012
BAM Publishes Construction Fire Data

The Builders Association of Minnesota obtained fire death data from the Minnesota State Fire Marshal, a division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Minnesota has collected data on fire deaths including the street address of the fire and whether or not working smoke alarms were present since 1998. The data show there have been 187 civilian fire deaths from 1998 through 2010. BAM staff obtained the year of construction of all single-family houses in which deaths occurred from county assessors.

See the data here.

BAM's data collection methodology is available here.

The graph below show Minnesota civilian fire deaths 1998-2010 in single-family homes by decade of construction. The second graph is of civilian fire deaths by year of construction overlaid with changes to the Minnesota State Building Code. In 1995 the State Building Code started requiring the installation of smoke alarms that are hardwired with battery back-up. In 2003 the State Building Code began requiring smoke alarms that are hardwired with battery back up and are interconnected, meaning when one detects smoke all alarms are activated.

Click on thumbnail graphs below for full image.