In a contemporary, sustained and member-focused advocacy program, a well-funded Political Action Committee (PAC) is an invaluable tool. Fueled by personal dollars only, member-contributions to BAM-PAC gives BAM’s membership a great way to be involved in the political process. By contributing to BAM-PAC, members know their contribution will go to directly to lawmakers who support the building industry. BAM-PAC contributions are bi-partisan, with the sole purpose of helping to elect industry-supporting candidates.

PAC donations help build long-lasting relationships with lawmakers statewide by providing candidates with the funds needed to operate a successful campaign. In Minnesota, individuals are limited on how much they can give to a candidate. BAM-PAC makes it possible to increase contributions to candidates who support the industry.

Political campaigns are expensive, and every candidate relies on direct contributions to their campaigns to make it to the election finish line. BAM-PAC provides the MN building industry the opportunity to support industry-friendly legislators with vital campaign resources. PAC contributions can be used to hire staff, pay bills, purchase in-house advertising and keep a campaign running smoothly.

Distributed directly to candidates and caucuses, PAC is the best way to support a campaign at every stage of the election cycle and has one of the highest per-dollar returns on investment. Legislators take notice when an association has an active PAC.

The value of a BAM-PAC contribution to a candidate cannot be overstated. We help keep the lights on, and make a few friends along the way.

For more information on PAC rules, laws and regulations, check here:

Note: Contributions MUST be personal credit, debit, or check. Corporate donations are strictly prohibited.