2018 Industry Award Winners

The Builders Association of Minnesota’s 2018 Holiday Party has come and gone with an evening filled with laughter and entertainment as we honored our Award winners and celebrated the year of the Industry!

Associate of the Year – 2018

For BAM’s Associate of the Year Award in 2018 we were please to award Marc Cabrera of Pella. This award goes to an Associate member for their outstanding leadership and service to their local and state associations, and for involvement in the industry and community. The 2018 recipient is a strong supporter of BAM and has helped make the launch of the Minnesota Metropolitan Contractors Association (MMCA) a success.

Builder of the Year – 2018

The Builder of the Year Award is a highly regarded award and our 2018 winner is well suited for it. Our 2018 winner is the one of a kind, Terry Hammack. Terry is a thoughtful, wise, and steady leader. He is active in each of his local, state, and national associations, and in the betterment of his community. He believes working in the construction trades is an honorable vocation and approaches all he does with integrity.

This 2018 President’s Award went to an individual who goes above and beyond for the local associations, our federation, and statewide industry. It was an honor to recognize her for the time, effort, and expertise she dedicates to making each of us successful and her willingness to pull double duty for two local associations. She’s a thoughtful, consistent leader, an outstanding executive officer, and an all-around fine person. The 2018 President’s Award went to Amy Kolb.

Champion of the Industry – 2018

The Champion of the Industry Award is central to BAM’s core. BAM spends endless hours at the Capitol working on policy matters important to our members. Our legislative partners are essential in this effort. It is an award reserved for when special recognition is warranted for individuals who step up to the plate to make things happen.

In 2018 we relied heavily on an exemplary legislator, State Senator Jeff Howe (R-Rockville).  Senator Howe has first-hand knowledge of the codes, homebuilding, statewide code administration, and the importance of licensed builders. He worked tirelessly to elevate the issue of unlicensed contracting as the industry seeks to close the loopholes that can result in no consumer protections, poor quality of workmanship, and an un-level playing field for our members. We cannot thank him enough for his help and support.

BAM is a member-driven association that exists to support its members in the construction industry. We cannot have the success rate that we’ve had without the help of these special people who have gone above and beyond for the sake of the industry.