Energy Code Pause

BIG thanks to Housing First for Publishing!

The Commissioner of Labor and Industry has officially decided not to adopt a new residential energy code this code cycle. The news was shared Thursday, Dec. 10 at the Minnesota Construction Codes Advisory Council meeting.

Housing First Minnesota has led on this issue for the past several years, making the case that a new residential energy code would benefit certain product manufacturers and other special interest groups at the cost of new homebuyers. In August, Housing First Minnesota brought together local builders association, NARI, Builders Association of Minnesota and Minnesota Relators who all advocated for keeping the current Minnesota Residential Energy Code in place.

Following a judicial recommendation to not open rulemaking on the residential energy code earlier this fall, Housing First Minnesota

“We’re pleased to see the Commissioner agree with the judicial recommendation,” said Nick Erickson, director of research and regulatory affairs. “Builders, remodelers and building officials, the experts in new construction, said that anew residential energy code was not needed at this time.”

This decision keeps the current Minnesota Residential Energy Code, the most efficient code of any high-production state, in place until the next code cycle.

DLI CCAC Presentation, Dec. 10, 2020